About Us

Joe Rini helps manufacturers untie knots internally and externally. He helps them create the infrastructure to facilitate rapid growth, enabling them to become market leaders through increased sales.

Joe’s knowledge of the North American medical supplies and equipment marketplace have gained him wide respect in the industry. Whether you are an international firm planning your initial entry into the US market, a North American firm seeking to expand into new territories or a longstanding enterprise looking for a more successful strategy, sales, or distribution approach, Joe can help you accomplish your goals.

Joe is a consultant to company leaders. He works with a company’s owner, CEO or chairman, establishing a trusting, peer-to-peer relationship. Working side-by-side, they create a broad strategic approach for company growth, identify opportunities and roadblocks, and devise and implement the tactics and methods needed to achieve success.

Joe strongly believes in life-long learning and has strengthened his considerable consulting skills by participating in the world-acclaimed Mentor Program conducted by the master consultant of them all – Alan Weiss, Ph.D. Summit Consulting – Mentor Program. “Alan is a remarkable teacher and authority, and he has helped me sharpen and expand my skills, just as I do for my own clients,” Joe says.

Joe has worked with many of his clients for years, and even decades. As these companies have grown – thanks at least in part to Joe’s involvement – his services have become those of a counselor and trusted advisor who evaluates the company’s evolving needs and finds the best means to satisfy them. While Joe’s most valuable and lasting service is the strategic planning and development he shares with his client companies’ owners and CEOs, his advice and support include many specific services, all of which are also available to new clients on an ad hoc basis.