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RINI&COY Consulting Editorial Services

When healthcare manufacturers outside of the US choose to enter the North American market, they should seek to remove the clues that reveal their marketing material and on-line content as non-native. North American customers and sales organizations prefer to work with healthcare manufacturers who are able to communicate in today’s healthcare business language. Click here for more info.

RINI&COY Consulting International Sales Prospecting Services

Turning sales prospects into sales opportunity in the healthcare market can be complex and challenging. The impact of healthcare reform has forced customers to do more, faster, and with fewer resources. As they are extremely busy, there must be a compelling reason for them to move away from the status quo. Reps are focused on closing deals, managing long sales cycles, and filling their funnel so their new business opportunity will make-up for stalled and lost sales. Let us help you review the tools and resources that will increase your prospecting ratio and gain that first customer meeting.